Friday, November 5, 2010

from Mom's diary: first trip to Mount Rainier

July 26, 1935
Tonight we did quite a lot of preparation for tomorrow. I can hardly wait! Margret showed up about 9 o’clock tonight. Of course she is going. We got a letter from Ruth. They’re coming about midnight.

July 27, 1935
We have a cabin. Is sure cold! The girls got in about 12:30 this am. We got things all packed and started for Rainier about 9:45. It was a beautiful drive up here. After much dilly dallying around we got here about 1. It was quite foggy. We went for a walk, gathered flowers we weren’t suppose to, and got pictures of deer! About 5 the fog lifted as we could see the mountain - so big and beautiful. After dinner we went to the community hall and heard a lecture. We got some cards and I sent one to Dorothy and Edna.

July 28, 1935
It was raining this morning! After breakfast and much lying around, we (all but Dad) got started on a hike. We went a long ways, about two miles going up always on the mountain. We saw glaciers and so many flowers. We got back around 12:30. We had dinner and got packed up to go. On the way home we saw a bear and deer. Got pictures of both. I fed the deer cookies! We got lots of pictures. Got home around 7 or so. The girls left about 8:30.

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